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We have access to about 19,000 acres of prime location for trophy alligator hunting, about 1000 acres of the best duck and goose hunting offered in South Central / Southwestern Louisiana. Tie that in with some of the best coastal marsh fishing, and you have a trip of a lifetime.


The hunting and fishing adventure usually begins in Abbeville, Louisiana.  The Sport(s) meet their guide when they arrive in Abbeville.   Abbeville has good motel lodging, as well as bed and breakfast accommodations, and is known for its  GREAT Cajun Restaurants.


Then, on the day of the adventure our Sports meet their guide at the public boat launch in Intracoastal City, Louisiana, commonly referred to as ICY.  From ICY our boat takes you to the hunting and fishing marshes.  

There are some beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the marsh.


Alligator Hunting Adventure

Our Sports are part of the alligator hunting/harvesting team.  As such, they can "bait" and "run" the baited lines to harvest the alligators.  After the adventure, the Sport has a great alligator trophy.

Fishing Adventure

Join us on a fantastic fishing adventure. Whether you are looking to catch Redfish or hook into a large alligator gar- fish We have you covered! 

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